Terms of Service

General terms and conditions for making a bid
Hugo.Bg Ltd. - with the intermediary Web Design BG keeps a clear and correct relationship that makes the job a pleasure and the product functional, accessible and practical. We recommend you to take a closer look at the content of this page because the process of creating a good site (project) is complex and requires the full attention of both parties.


  1. The customer orders, explaining in detail what he / she wants.
  2. After giving an approximate offer from Web Design BG, the client pays 50% of the price.
    If the client wishes to get an exact final price before giving a deposit, he pays for a preliminary study (if necessary).
  3. We specify all details, the exact final price and the term for development.
  4. The given deadline shall run from the moment the payment is made. The term is valid only if the client or a person, authorized by him / her answers all questions not later than 24 hours.
  5. Preliminary graphic design is prepared according to the given instructions.
  6. The graphic design is approved by the customer **. Up to two free fixes are allowed.
  7. Static design is being prepared.
  8. The design is approved by the customer **. Up to two free fixes are allowed.
  9. The site is being prepared. The site is presented on a test web site after it is ready.
  10. The client pays the site as soon as the initial instructions have been met. The warranty period of the site begins to run from the moment of its transmission.
  11. The site is available to client hosting.
  12. Upon request, the client orders additional modifications. They are executed by the same procedure.


  1. We use only the most common universal fonts in the site. The site may look different on different computers, depending on the presence of specific fonts in them. Embedding non-standard fonts requires additional programming, which is additionally paid.
  2. Sites are optimized for a monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels or greater. Exceptions are made for mobile versions of sites that are designed on a stand-alone basis and are paid separately.
  3. The site is optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer (up to version 7.0), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, and versions of the last three are not older than one year. If desired, the site could be optimized for older versions of Internet Explorer or for other browsers - e.g. Safari, Netscape, Konqueror ... (extra charge*).
  4. The customer receives Google statistics for free. If the customer wishes for other statistics, the change is charged*. Bulgarian and foreign language (English and / or Russian versions) are available, but foreign versions are more expensive.
  5. The client has the right to receive additional paid consultations, according to the required level of the expert on the relevant issues:
    - Level 1 - Web interface;
    - Level 2 - Programming and specialized consultations;
    - Level 3 - SEO optimization;
  6. The client receives free Level 1 consultations, limited in time depending on the price of the order he / she has made.
  7. Web Design BG gives a one year guarantee on the site. The guarantee is executed within 2 business days.
  8. Warranty service may be refused in the following cases:
    - providing third-party access to the hosting or providing other security-related data on request to the customer or the customer;
    - if the malfunction is due to the client's fault;
    - in case of unsatisfied requirements for working with the site.
  9. When ordering minor changes on the website, the customer pays a minimum threshold * of the price for each new order.
  10. Web Design BG supports spelling on the Internet. It turns out that many Bulgarians still use Latin alphabet (instead of the Cyrillic) – for example instead of “web design” they write “ueb dizain”. That's why it's good to use a spell-checker when you provide text for your site.

Web Design BG reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

* Please consult the Web Design BG team for the current price of this service.
** If the customer wishes, he can leave the choice entirely to the web designer.