Registration of domain and hosting


Selecting a domain is very important for building your appearance on the Internet. It's so important because it's something you may never change on your business website. Hosting is the equivalent of an office where your business address would be located, but it is online. Without domain registration and the choice of a hosting plan, it is impossible to start an online business. The domain is your Internet identity and hosting is the home of your site. Selecting and registering a domain and hosting is similar to registering your business and the office where you will operate. Proper domain registration and choosing the right hosting subscription is the first important step for starting an online business.

    Choose Web Design because:
  • We will help you choose the most suitable domain for your business;
  • We will register your domain;
  • We will create a dedicated hosting plan that meets the needs of your business;
  • We take care of the proper work of your hosting all the time.
Registration of domain and hosting