Real Estate website

Real estate website

When making a real estate site, it must be truly unique to fight the growing competition in this business and to have success on the internet. When we create a project on such a site, we are careful for the smallest details. Our real estate sites are different, easy to manage and with modern design. Their logical structure make the visitors experience more pleasant so nothing keeps them from turning into actual customers.

1. Design of a real estate site.

This is the first thing the client notices when visiting your real estate site. For this purpose, it must be "user friendly". Every client on your real estate site must be able to get the information he need within seconds in order not to be transferred to a competitive site.

  • But before you start designing your site, our specialists first determine what the look and the purpose of your real estate site will be.
  • Secondly, we need to clarify what your requirements, tastes and ideas for the site are.
  • We will investigate your competition by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve your site.
  • We will give you some suggestions for designing your real estate site based on the gathered information. The site can be crafted on any of our finished templates or created specifically for you.
  • With our real estate site design suggestions, you get:
    1. Unique but tailored to your company's needs;
    2. Several design options for your Real Estate site;
    3. Editing the selected design until approval of a final version.
Modern technologies in a real estate site

2. Modern technologies in a real estate site.

  • We use powerful and, of course, flexible content management systems to build real estate sites. This gives us the opportunity to meet even the most specific requirements, building sites that fully meet the latest trends in the field.
  • All our projects are made in a responsive design. This means that any real estate site we do is accessible and looks good on any mobile device, not just a desktop computer and a laptop.
Modern technologies in a real estate site

3. Content on a property site and its management

  • The site is divided into an administrative part and part for the final customers.
  • We can provide your customers with access to and edit their ads within a certain time interval as well as the statistics of visits to their own ad.
  • We can add additional features depending on your needs.
Content on a property site and its management

4. Maintenance of a real estate site

Your site will require regular renewal, but we guarantee that its initial build will be in line with the latest trends.

Maintenance of a real estate site

5. Social networks on a real estate site.

They are mandatory for any more advanced real estate site. If you choose our advanced packages, you will get automatic posting on social networks. We also offer video integration and video channels. We have an option to build maps on Google and integrate them into Google Earth.

Social networks on a real estate site

6. SEO optimization for a real estate site.

SEO optimization begins before building your real estate site. We offer complete optimization of your site by all metrics. For more information, please see our activity page SEO Optimization.

SEO optimization for a real estate site