Graphic Design

Advertising materials are designed to attract new customers. The more stylish and impressive is their design, the greater the chance is people you provide with the promotional materials to become real customers.

Build confidence in your business!

We create catalogs, brochures, posters, flyers and other promotional material for advertising purposes of your business.

Design of billboards and megaboards, branding cars, busses and trucks, branding of shop windows and design of advertising boards and signs.

Offset printing, hot stamping, tampon printing, screen printing or thermal printing.

Graphic Design from Web Design
Graphic Design from Web Design


  • Banner for a site
  • Banner for social networking
  • Social Network Banner Package 3
  • GIF image for Facebook
  • Tyfez on pictures
  • Presentation
  • Interactive PDF
  • Greeting cards
  • Design for T-shirts
  • Animated site banner
  • Retouch of a photo
  • Photo manipulation
  • Gif animations
  • Slider banners
  • Icons and favicons
  • Web design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Table, chart, statistics graph


  • Logo
  • Vectoring of a logo
  • Magazine Advertising Page
  • Ad slot
  • Business card
  • Pocketbook
  • Multi-lingual calendar
  • Roll banner
  • Book Cover
  • Wide Format Vinyl / Billboard /
  • Vector map of city or village
  • Vector map with location tag
  • Plate / banner
  • Restaurant menu
  • Collage of images
  • CD cover
  • Diploma / Certificate
  • Company letterhead


  • A5 with one fold
  • A5 with two folds
  • A4 with one fold
  • A4 with two folds


  • A6 unilateral
  • A6 duplex
  • A5 one-sided
  • A5 double sided
  • A4 single sided
  • A4 duplex


  • А3
  • А2
  • А1