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Banners are one of the most popular formats used in the internet advertising. Banners are the online analogue of advertising slots in the press. They also include animated elements and a hyperlink to a site for additional information.

Design banner

What are the goals we set for creating a banner?

  • Attracting attention;
  • Involvement of interest and desire to visit the site;
  • Turn the visitor into a real client.

Types of banners for advertising

  • Static banners – they are still and simple, used less often because they are more difficult to be noticed;
  • Standard animated banners - these are the most commonly used banners as they balance their simple design with efficiency;
  • Interactive dynamic banners – they use flash animation and more visual and sound effects. They respond to mouse movements of the user and allow the inclusion of more than one hyperlink.

Cost of creating a banner

The price depends on the complexity and the type of the banner. For offers, you can contact us here.

Design banner