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Web Design

What does our team offer?

Website design and development

Your website should have a unique web design, as it is your business card for the audience of the World Wide Web. Through your website, the customers will find you and get to know the services you offer. And the stylish web design is what actually attracts customers.

How to choose a suitable web design for your site?

The appearance of the site is the first thing visitors are noticing, so it must be consistent with the services or goods you offer. The web design must meet the following criteria:

1. Relevance of the design to the business field;
2. Appropriate combination of colors;
3. Attractiveness;
4. Easy navigation.

Our team will provide you with an innovative design tailored to the goals of your business and audience, using the latest trends in the modern web and software technologies.

What are the goals of your website?

Before we start building your website, we need to know what its target and audience is, so we can build the right web design, functionality and content for you. Websites are usually two types.

  1. Dynamic sites offer content like news, products, photos, etc. that require frequent updates. You can update your site anytime and anywhere.
  2. 2. Static sites are typically corporate, representative, advertising, charity and government organizations websites. Their goal is to present your field of activity and frequent changes are not needed.
  3. 3. Fully or partially animated (flash) sites. These sites look original and have a creative radiance because of their saturation with visual effects. According to some specialists, the flash site is the most effective way of presenting on the Internet. The business, products and services you offer will literally come to life for your users. Of course, you make the decision!

The right web design for you

Different goals imply a different design. When we create an e-commerce for you, its web design has two main features - simple and easy to use. If you want a corporate or business site, it's usually more stylized in your company's colors. If you are an artist, then your site must be consistent with what you are creating - the flash sites are appropriate here. Personal sites (especially blogs) should be tailored to what will be published in them and have more refined design.

Regardless of the type of your site, however, the goal is to attract visitors and make them stay on your site. Good web design is the main factor that turns visitors into real customers!

Price for website design and development

The price is determined by the complexity and time required for the site to be made.

Here are some of our ready-made suggestions.

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Web Design

Quality service

For us, it is very important our clients to be satisfied with the project's realization and the quality-price ratio. We maintain individual and constant contact with each client so we can reach together the perfection!

Flexibility and a new look

Web Design BG is designed specifically to show new and different perspectives on your project. We communicate with our customers constantly so our imagination can generate new ideas that are profitable for your business!

Variety of styles and colors

When developing your web site design, we give you the opportunity to choose from multiple color combinations and styles. It is important for us that your website will send the right message to your customers!

Design and content

For us, it is important that your projects not only have a perfect web design but also valuable content! We build a website that is easy to navigate by your customers, and it will provide an effective presentation of your business!